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What's inside?

Want to know more about what's inside Gut It. Cut It. Cook It.: The Deer Hunter's Guide to
Processing and Preparing Venison
? Here's a sneak peek.
*It's true. You can't eat antlers.

Still, we've included this final chapter so you'll know how to:
- Save antlers and create your own wall mount.
- Skin your deer before sending its cape and head to the taxidermist.
- Cape your deer completely; this involves skinning its head.
- Prepare a European-style mount with a bleached skull and antlers.

And by the way... Gut It. Cut It. Cook It. also includes a free
bonus CD with 50 recipes, a field-dressing chart, and more.
What to Expect, and What's for Dinner
Gearing Up and Getting Ready
Shop Before You Shoot, Aim Carefully, and Don't Shoot Your Steaks
Field-Dressing Your Deer
You Got Your Deer Home. Now What?
Footless, Headless, and Up on the Gambrel
Skinning Your Deer
Butchering the Shoulder Cuts
Removing the Tenderloins and Backstraps
Butchering the Ribs, Brisket, and Neck
Butchering the Hindquarters
Wrapping and Freezing Your Venison
Making Deerburger, Sausage, and Jerky
Cooking Your Venison
Saving Antlers and Caping Your Trophy*