You can do it!

If you can clean your own fish, you can process your own venison.

You can do it. You can butcher your own deer. In this book, we'll
show you how--step by step, with simple, clear instructions that are easy
to follow.

The first few times, it's going to take longer. We guarantee it. But
we'll get you through this. Later, the job will get easier every time.

Why bother? Plenty of reasons. For now, let's just say that saving
money, eating healthier, and enjoying better-quality venison are only
part of the story.

The biggest reason is something less tangible--that feeling you
get from being just a little more self-reliant.
Sure. You can get a
taste of that same feeling by canning your own tomatoes, building your
own deck, or remodeling your own bathroom. But this is different. This
is, as they used to say, "making meat."

There's something satisfying about knowing you've done it all
yourself--from pulling the trigger to washing the dishes.
you'll know exactly where that venison has been and how it's been
handled at every step of the way. Since you know you and your family
will be eating it, no one will do the job more carefully than you will.

Is it going to be effortless? No, not even after you've done it a
hundred times.

Is it worth it? Absolutely, even the very first time.