Why no recipes?

Or, for that matter, long-winded hunting stories?

Like we said, this book is different. In Gut It. Cut It.
Cook It : The Deer Hunter's Guide to Processing and
Preparing Venison
, we've focused on the step-by-step
details you'll need to know about when you're
field-dressing and butchering your deer. That meant
there just wasn't room for recipes or hunting stories.

And, because there are already plenty of good
cookbooks out there, we didn't feel all that bad about
not padding
Gut It. Cut It. Cook It. with dozens of
recipes. We have, however, included chapters on:

- Wrapping and freezing your venison.
- Making deerburger, sausage, and jerky.
- Most important, cooking your venison correctly.

After all... Once you've put all that work into your
venison, we'd hate to see it ruined in the kitchen.

So, after explaining why cooking lean, pure venison
is very different from cooking beef, we've also
included lots of practical advice on how to adjust
your cooking techniques accordingly. Armed with
that knowledge, you'll do just fine with modified
versions of the same recipes you use for beef.

By the way... There are also lots of good books out there about deer hunting. Gut It. Cut
It. Cook It
. is all about what to do with your deer after you get one.

But if you're still working on that, and if you could maybe use a few tips, just follow the links we've
provided for Krause and Amazon. Then, once you arrive, search for phrases like "deer hunting".

And while you're there... Just in case the advice in those books
does improve your luck, we suggest
you also order a copy of
Gut It. Cut It. Cook It.
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