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Although we'll now be updating this website less often, it's still a good place to learn more about our book. If
you've come here first, please take a moment to find out why
Gut It. Cut It. Cook It.:The Deer Hunter's Guide to
Processing and Preparing Venison
has become THE definitive new book on the subject.

Gut It. Cut It. Cook It. is totally different from any other book out there. We'd like to thank all of you who are
making it a perennial top-seller among ALL hunting books.

And remember... Fads may come and fads may go. But venison NEVER goes out of style.

Gut It. Cut It. Cook It. Regulated by the U.S. State Department?
We recently spotted a website selling Gut It. Cut It. Cook It. with this warning: "This item is regulated by the US
STATE DEPARTMENT and may require an EXPORT LICENSE for international orders." It was probably a mistake,
left over from a new product listing created immediately before ours--perhaps one for an advanced, Gen 5
night-vision device. Or maybe
Gut It. Cut It. Cook It. really does include top-secret deer butchering
tips that must not fall into enemy hands.
You be the judge.

More reviews from late 2010:

One of the 10 Best Christmas Gifts for the Outdoorswoman
Excellent full color detailed photos and well-done text walks the hunter through the entire process of taking
care of your venison (and any game meat) from kill all the way to the table. This book features very detailed
descriptions of everything you need to know from shot placement, to field care to finally taking care of your
trophy antlers and cape. Grab this book and you will learn a lot, whether you have been hunting for many years
or just a few seasons!
--Anne Vinnola, blogger at Annie Got Her Gun

Published by one of the big boys in the industry, Krause Publications, this book... takes a newbie like me
through the deer hunting scenario, from start to finish and also, includes a CD with enticing and
mouth-watering recipes. Practical details like field dressing and skinning, which knives to use... that's where
the experts walk a hunter through the basics and dispel the myths, like cutting out the tarsal glands.

Wonderfully illustrated with huge photographs, this 256-page book must be in the hands of all deer hunters. It
should be a recommended resource at all hunter safety classes in this country. The field practices and good
hunting ethics recommended within its pages apply to several other types of big game, and really, all game.

I am going to purchase this book for my kids who hunt for extra Christmas prezzies. But, don't tell them...
--Barbara Baird at Women's Outdoor News

This isn't for everyone, but if you want to learn how to butcher a deer it's the book for you.
--From Carl at

Gut It Cut It Cook It goes global!!! Well, at least we're #1 with a bullet in Australia. Russell Edwards of reports that it's been his top seller, especially since the review in
Guns&Game magazine.

If you think we only hunt deer here in North America, think again. About a million Australians hunt six different
types of deer--plus feral goats that are anatomically similar.( Although Australia also has kangaroos and feral
camels, we aren't planning any sequels on those topics.) New Zealand has eight types of deer--plus elk, feral
goats, and chamois. If you're up for a bit more deerstalking, there's also the UK and Europe.

We've also been getting some great reviews back home. Here's a sample:

The definitive new guide to handling venison after the kill... I have used (or tried to use) many well-intentioned
guide books to processing deer into useable venison, and this one succeeds where all others fail.

The authors' method is for beautiful boneless venison, which is the best way to get the most meat and best
flavor out of your deer. The pictures of the process--from field dressing to butchery of the deer itself--are clear
and vivid, showing the user exactly what to expect and how to proceed. The text is easy to follow and written
with a good dose of humor and encouragement. And the book lays flat and has heavy, glossy pages that stand
up to the unavoidable smears and stains.

If you're like me, you will reach for
Gut It Cut It Cook It long after hunting season has ended, just to relive the
satisfaction of a job well done.
--Amazon Reviewer G. F. Hohenberger

I love the quality of the book and how well thought out it is. I am very impressed.
--Kirstie Pike, Owner and CEO Of Prois Hunting and Field Apparel

I just received your book... I am pleased to say it has quite exceeded my expectations of "another lame
hunting/field care book!" It is well planned and thorough... It looks like a great resource for anyone wanting to
learn good, safe field care and processing. I really appreciate the format and the attached CD.
-- Anne Vinola of

Thank you! A great resource for deer hunters! I'll be sure to get the word out to all of our Outdoor Mentors!
--Mike Christensen, Pass It On-Outdoor Mentors, Inc.

I am impressed! It seems like such a unique book compared to what else is out there and I'm sure many
hunters will find this incredibly helpful. Not only did I find it unique, but it just seems very well done. So I just
wanted to thank you again, I'm really looking forward to diving into it and then sharing it with my readers!
-- Mark Kenyon at

Back when I started, everything would have been much easier if I would have had some experience under my
belt and if I would have had Eric Fromm and Al Cambronne's book
Gut It, Cut It, Cook It. This book has
definitely found a home in my office as a reference as well as a cookbook in the kitchen.
--Dave Conrad at

...The equipment section is well done. I liked the fact that they didn't push all the extra stuff; they were
mentioned but the focus was on the basics, as in a good sharp knife. As I read I thought, right here would be a
good place to talk about Chronic Wasting Disease. I turned the page and there it was, with the subtitle "The
Threat is Real". This was followed by a four-page spread on what you can do to deal with it. It included enough
science to understand the disease and help the reader think through the threat in a common sense way
without being alarmist.

By now I'm thinking this book is the real deal. An hour later I know it. From shot placement pushing the clean
kill ethic while minimizing meat spoilage (even talking about the latest findings on lead fragments) to clear
pictures on where to cut off the lower legs, this is a book for beginners to the most experienced. I picked up a
great tip on holding the knife for maximum control and safety when reaching up to cut the windpipe while
gutting. How come I never thought of that?

Another thing I liked was the use of real deer carcasses. These are not sterilized game farm deer, but look like
the deer we shoot. Not bloody road kill but good examples of what hunters really work with. They also do a
good job with fully using the deer from ribs to shanks...
Gut It - Cut It - Cook It is a terrific book and well worth
adding to your library... I suggest buying a copy for a friend - but read it first, you just may want to get another
copy for your buddy.
--Eric Nuse at the Fair Chase Hunting Blog