March 6, 2021

About me

Dear friends welcome to my blog about the kitchen!

My name is Amelia. I am a happy wife and mother of a little daughter. My blog will be mainly about cooking. Cooking is not a tedious duty for me, it is a creative process that brings me great pleasure and lifts my mood. This is my passion!

I use a variety of gadgets and kitchen appliances in my cooking and have tried almost all of them over the years!

Some appliances made my life easier, and some I had to throw out, they were so bad … I will tell you in my blog what you should keep in your kitchen, as well as all the pros and cons so that you do not waste your time and money … Also, I love to experiment, stay with me and also bookmark my site and I will share with you my best tips and secrets 😉

Also send your questions and suggestions by mail: [email protected]

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